Vein Disease

Vein disease is something most people just see on really long infomercials trying to sell some product to get rid of it. Lotions, lasers, clinics, they’ll try to sell it all in either the most mundane voice-over or by someone who is way too excited about it. Varicose veins, Spider veins, and reticular veins- what’s the difference? How do you know if you have it or not? What can be practically done about it?

Types of Vascular Diseases

Probably the more known vein disease is varicose veins. Typically, they are shown as the thick, wavy veins that protrude out of the skin. However, that is not the only form that it comes in; swelling, discoloration of skin, and ulcers may appear. Symptoms can include heaviness in the legs, itching or burning, lower leg swelling, and night cramps.

Spider veins are a bit different, they look like an average vein but spread out in a web-like fashion and visible to the eye. Spider vein issues include; swelling, consistent soreness, clotting, ulcers, and changes in skin color.

Reticular veins are short, wavy lines of the vein that can be seen on the skin. This type seems to be almost like the beginning stage for the other two however it does not have the same symptoms and is more cosmetic. But where did all this information come from?

How The Vein Company  Can Help

The Vein Company website lays it all out in a very user-friendly format. They explain the difference between each disease with pictures. While most websites that are in the top search for any type of ailment normally end up with the diagnosis of something unrelated and dramatic such as cancer, The Vein Company stays on topic. They even have a quiz to assess whether or not you might actually have a vein disease; through simple yes or no questions, it leads the quiz taker to a result that can help them to consultation if needed.

The Vein Company allows you to schedule a consultation with them right on their website too. No need to do the research, take the quiz then find somewhere to go, it’s all laid out for you and is easily assessable. They even have a Frequently Asked Question section to put any remaining concerns to rest. This company truly has you covered with any aspect needed for the issue of vein disease. So the question now remains will you finally find somewhere to get rid of these health problems or will you be stuck with them in this New Year?