Anyone experiencing lymphedema or lower leg swelling must call The Vein Company. We’re a specialized lymphedema clinic that diagnoses, treats, and cares for any vascular conditions you experience. Don’t wait. Early detection for lymphedema or lower leg swelling can lead to a better quality of life and mitigate symptoms. Here are some general tips on lower leg swelling and other related conditions so that you know what to look for.

What Causes Lower Leg Swelling?

Lower leg swelling occurs due to problems with the lower circulation system. Commonly, this is because of peripheral edema, or liquid retention in the legs, when small veins and blood vessels leak fluid. It can also occur in the hands, neck, arms, and feet. When in the lower legs, lymphedema leads to stagnant proteins and may indicate abnormalities in the lymphatic system. Other reasons for it include surgery, other medical conditions or chronic illnesses, and radiation therapy. Some patients experience it immediately, while others don’t notice symptoms until years later.

Symptoms of Lymphedema

Some common symptoms of lymphedema include:

  • Swelling
  • Heaviness or tightness in the legs
  • Restricted mobility
  • Red or hot skin
  • Hardening of the skin
  • Aching, numbness, or discomfort in the affected area
  • Infections

Common Treatments for Lower Leg Swelling

Fortunately, lymphedema and lower leg swelling are treatable with a proper evaluation. Depending on the severity of your condition, individual treatment plans may include:

  • Manual lymph drainage
  • Compression bandaging
  • Exercise
  • Vein Ablation
  • Pneumatic compression

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