What Are the Most Common Reasons for Lower Leg Swelling?

What Are the Most Common Reasons for Lower Leg Swelling?
The role of varicose veins is a progressive and complex illness. It currently affects millions of Americans due to age, gender, weight, and a myriad of other conditions. Here are some of the most common reasons for lower leg swelling to know.

What Is Lower Leg Swelling?

Lower leg swelling is commonly known as edema. During the aging process, the natural body begins to change. Most people experience new slowness, tenderness, and aches and pains in their bodies. Occasionally, this can develop into edema in the legs for a certain percentage of people. Edema is the abnormal excess accumulation of fluid within the connective tissue. Chronic edema often results in pain, heaviness, weakness, and mobility limitations. Be on the lookout for edema if you suspect it. Consistent swelling is a common sign and indicates foot and ankle complications. Experiences can differ between those with edema. Some people may see their sock imprint at the end of the day, while others can press a finger into the skin and cause indentation. Common causes include old age, obesity, deep vein thrombosis, and a family history of edema and leg injuries. Standing for long hours each day, certain medications, venous disease, and trauma can also cause edema.

Common Treatments

Treating edema is not impossible, and contemporary medical treatments are available for those suffering from it. Before any treatment can begin, you must receive a medical diagnosis from a health-care practitioner. They will recommend treatments based on any underlying causes to mitigate swelling. Then, any remaining swelling is extracted to avoid worsening the area. Compression therapy is a common treatment involving several steps to avoid permanent tissue damage. Commonly, these may include manual lymph drainage to push fluid to working lymphatic nodes, exercise programs and short-stretch compression bandaging, and frequent mobility work to avoid pressure sores. Proper rest ensures low pressure on the leg while allowing the calf and muscle contractions to function.

Other Things To Note

When thinking about the most common reasons for lower leg swelling, edema may seem scary, but it’s not a grave concern due to the advancements in medical technology. Fortunately for you, the Vein Company specializes in lower leg swelling for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. If you’re looking for a Chattanooga vein clinic, look no further. We’re here to provide the best assistance and treatment plans that work for you. We also have five other locations around Tennessee and Virginia with tailor-made treatments and diagnostic techniques that meet Medicare and most major insurance providers. Customer care is our top priority, so visit us today to treat your edema and other venous conditions.