Understanding Spider Veins

Most people are aware of spider veins and where they ordinarily appear – In the thighs and legs, but were you aware that they can develop in most unexpected places? Spider veins can also appear in your face, feet, and even in your hands. These pesky little blue blood vessels that we call spider veins can be seen beneath the skin. The proper name for them is telangiectasia. But that’s a mouthful, so we stick with spider veins.
Though there is no definitive cause for these little purply-blue nuisances, science tells us that poor circulation, hormonal imbalances (which is why they show more often in women), and good old heredity are the typical culprits. Ordinarily, these veins are invisible. But for some, they expand and show through.


No Medical Danger

Although they are sometimes not the prettiest sight to behold, spider veins are completely normal and ultimately harmless. They serve as a great cosmetic problem, though. Up to 30% of adults are said to have spider veins or varicose veins. Luckily the treatments offered by The Vein Company are non-invasive and extremely effective.

Facial Spider Veins

Also referred to as thread veins, they tend to show up anywhere on your face. Typically they’re found on the cheeks, nose, and below the eyes, but can literally show up anywhere. Rosacea and other skin diseases or infections, unfortunately, can cause spider veins to appear on your face. This stems from the irritation sustained by the skin on your face from the extra pressure on the veins.

Another huge culprit in spider veins, or thread veins, on the face, can be too much sun exposure. The free radicals can cause spider veins to appear and even exacerbate the veins. Of course, smoking is something that can damage the veins and has been proven to cause early aging of the skin, therefore making the spider veins more prominent.

Spider Veins in Feet

Just like in other parts of your body, spider veins can form in your feet as well. It’s important that the spider veins in your feet are attended to before they become varicose veins and cause more pain and discomfort, or become a problem for the circulatory system. Though they start as an aesthetic flaw, they can turn into a debilitating structural problem that can persist through your later years.

Veins in Hands

As we get older our hands tend to get more veins. Sometimes it looks normal, other times its tiny blue and purple spider veins that make their way to the visible surface. The lack of fatty and/or elastic tissue can lead to thinner skin just atop the bones of your hand. So the veins become more prominent and much easier to notice and see. This process is quite normal and there isn’t really anything that can be done to avoid it. As soon as these veins are treated will be when they don’t show anymore. However, the sooner they are treated, the less complicated the procedure will be.

The experts and technicians at The Vein Company can assess the condition of your spider veins and help remove them and alleviate the symptoms that come with them. Early detection can also lead to the avoidance of them turning into varicose veins.