A COVID-19 update to Our Patients

At The Vein Company it is our commitment to deliver the same care for our patients as we would our own family.   Therefore, we are mindful and monitoring the COVID-19 situation very closely.  We feel it is important to share with you what we are doing to help keep our patients and staff safe and healthy. Please be assured we have protocols in place and are closely following the CDC, WHO and local public health officials’ recommendations.  We have always used universal precautions to maintain Infection Control standards against pathogens like HIV, Hep B as well as viruses like COVID-19 throughout our offices.   We have now enhanced our cleaning procedures into the non-clinical areas as well and are implementing additional safety precautions with our patients and within our office.  These measures include:

  • Avoiding any unnecessary contact between people (greeting by the shaking of hands, etc.)
  • We have made telehealth an option for our patients, with eligible insurance coverage, allowing them to be addressed by a health professional using video conference communication. Please let our staff know if you would like more information regarding Telehealth video conferencing.
  • We will be monitoring the body temperature of all our staff members throughout the day as well as all patients.
  • Hand sanitizer is available throughout our offices to make it as easy as possible for both our patients and staff to sanitize.
  • Posting CDC hand washing instructions in all bathrooms and employee areas
  • Removing unnecessary items such as magazines, toys and coffee stations from the office waiting room area
  • All patient rooms are disinfected with medical-grade disinfectant after each and every patient visit.
  • We are allowing our patients to stay in their cars and call us upon their arrival at our office. A staff member will call you to come inside and bring you directly back to an exam room to limit your contact with other patients and uphold social distancing.
  • Our staff is using medical-grade cleaning solutions to disinfect all surfaces throughout the office including door handles, iPads, and computers, check-in counter, counters, restrooms, etc.

The safety of our patients and staff will continue to be our number one priority at The Vein Company. Our offices are staying open to continue offering patients in need the very best care. We will update this proactive response plan as necessary.

Together we will get through this season!


Dr. Randall Towne and Staff